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Beyond the dangerous beasts and evil inhabitants of the Darklands, additional environmental hazards exist. The radioactive blightburn crystals are one such hazard. The incandescent green mineral emits harsh radiation which not only dimly illuminates the area around it, but also causes serious harm to anyone in its proximity.[1][2][3]

Those who touch the stones are instantly burned and blistered by the intense radiological aura, and anyone within 60 feet of the stones is susceptible to a potent disease, also called blightburn, which causes increasing frailty, skin sores, hair loss, and brittle bones.[1][2][4]

Magical side effect

Blightburn also affects teleport spells. Only powerful spellcasters are able to use teleportation to travel to or from an area in the proximity of blightburn, and even they cannot always do so reliably.[1][3]

In Golarion

The vault of Orv known as the Black Desert has large concentrations of blightburn in its ceiling, making the cavern poisonous to most forms of life.[5]

Blightburn is also a concern for travellers to the middle layer of the Darklands, Sekamina.[4]