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Black Desert

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The Black Desert is one of the vaults of Orv, deepest layer of the Darklands, and is located far below northeastern Garund.[1] Like the other vaults, it is a staggeringly large cavern filled with black sand deserts and toxic radiation hostile to all non-native life.[2]


The Black Desert is located below northeastern Garund, roughly beneath the nations of Osirion and Thuvia. The vault known as the Midnight Mountains is to the north, Doga-Delloth to the west, and Minos-Pashat to the south. There is a also a route up to the shallower layers of the Darklands.[2]

Its landscape is dominated by the countless of miles of black sand that give it its name. The ceiling of the vault contains lodes of blightburn ore that illuminate the cavern with a dim green glow. These large concentrations of blightburn give off a poisonous radiation, making the Black Desert fatal to most living foreign creatures.[2]

Lost amongst the sands are many ancient, abandoned cities built in the style of Ancient Osirion.[2]


The Black Desert is a spawning ground for purple worms, which are immune to the effects of the blightburn.

The undead drow of House Shraen inhabit a massive ruined city they have named Shraen after themselves.[2]