Bloodtusk's keelboat

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Bloodtusk's keelboat
Class Keelboat
Keel 120 ft.
Beam 30 ft.
Draft 10 ft.
Propulsion Sail (single mast), oars, horses
Captain(s) Raag Bloodtusk

Source: The Hill Giant's Pledge, pg(s). 8

Bloodtusk's keelboat regularly plies the Kestrel and Esk rivers of southern Belkzen. The keelboat's captain is a half-orc named Raag Bloodtusk. The large sturdy riverboat has been assembled from the scavenged wrecks of several vessels. It is 120 feet long and 30 feet wide, with a draft of 10 feet. It features a wide forecastle and tower-like structure at the bow, and a high aftcastle at the stern. It has a a single mast with a large sail as well as rowing banks. The keelboat also carries eight horses that can be put ashore to assist the boat in traveling upstream.[1]


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