Bramble-Sick Brandy

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Bramble-Sick Brandy is a unique spirit created by bugbears and one of the few unique creations of bugbear society. Bramble-Sick Brandy is made by fermenting a rare type of bramble known as a Tomb Herald, increasing the plant's natural properties. Bramble-Sick Brandy is made and consumed solely by bugbears for it enhances their ability to smell fear in those they hunt, and when drunk on the stuff, bugbears become even more savage and effective hunters. The downside of drinking it is that several hours after consumption, the drinker is left feeling severely ill and those able to ambush bugbears in this sickened state have found them to be easier to kill. Bramble-Sick Brandy's effect on non-bugbear drinkers is unknown as it is very rare to find; bugbears normally consume it before they encounter their prey.1