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Classic Monsters Revisited

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Monsters Revisited
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Book - Sourcebook
Rule set
D&D 3.5
Gold ENnie – Best Adversary/Monster (2008)
Silver ENnie – Best Art, Interior (2008)
April 2008

Classic Monsters Revisited, a sourcebook by Wolfgang Baur, Jason Bulmahn, Joshua J. Frost, James Jacobs, Nicolas Logue, Mike McArtor, James L. Sutter, Greg A. Vaughan, and Jeremy Walker, was released in April 2008. It was the first Pathfinder sourcebook to completely sell through its initial print run and was reprinted in 2009. It won two ENnie Awards in August 2008—a gold for Best Adversary/Monster and a silver for Best Art, Interior.

Things that go Bump in the Night
They are the lurking shapes glimpsed briefly beyond the slowly opening closet door, the half-heard hissing from under the bed, the secret scratching at the window shuttered against the night. You know they're out there, watching, waiting for you to be alone, and when you hover on the edge of wakefulness and nightmare-haunted sleep, you know they will come for you. These are the monsters you remember from your youth, and though you've grown, as midnight approaches, the child within knows the monsters never left your bedside.

Within the pages of this book, we reintroduce you to the monsters you remember from the good-old days, monsters that may have started to feel old and stale—even safe. Monsters should never feel safe.

In Classic Monsters Revisited, we examine ten of the game's most popular and familiar monsters—bugbears, gnolls, hobgoblins, orcs, lizardfolk, trolls, ogres, kobolds, minotaurs, and of course goblins, reimagining them for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting while striving to keep them true to their roots. New feats, new gear, new gods, and a wealth of knowledge about the society, history, and inner workings of these ten monsters lie within this book, waiting for you to discover them anew.

And they're just as monstrous as you remember.