Cadmius Ortho

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Cadmius Ortho
Titles General
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Bard 4 / Cavalier 7 / Battle herald 3
Gender Male
Homeland Molthune
Organization Imperial Army

Source: Siege of Stone, pg(s). 71

Cadmius Ortho is a Molthuni general currently leading the siege of the dwarven Sky Citadel Kraggodan. He is ordered by his superiors to keep as much of Kraggodan's architecture intact as possible, which has hampered his efforts as the dwarves always retreat to their guard posts and fortresses, forcing Molthuni forces to retreat after making any significant advance. Every time such a thing happens, sheltered dwarven civilians are returned to the upper markets, forcing the Molthuni to advance slowly, as Ortho wants to ensure that his men spill no innocent blood. Many of Ortho's subordinates are urging him to dismantle the markets leading to the mountain peak and claim Sky Home as a forward base.[1]


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