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Caizarlu Zerren

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Caizarlu Zerren
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Necromancer 5
Gender Male
Homeland Magnimar & Sandpoint, Varisia
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Source: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, pg(s). 77-82

Caizarlu Zerren is a silent investor in Saintly Haven of Respite who resides in its basement. He was a former member of the Magnimarian Scarzni gang known as the Gallowed during his youth. His dabbling in necromancy resulted in a ousting from the gang, but not before he stole an quantity of jewels and gemstones from them.

Finding himself transient for months, he eventually learned of a Varisian doctor Erin Habe who wished to build a Sanatorium, but lacked the funds to do so. Caizarlu invested his stolen fortune in the Sanatorium so he could continue his necromantic experiments in secret, with the Sanatorium providing him with a continuing supply of bodies.[1]