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Richard Pett

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Richard Pett
Richard Pett


Richard Pett is among the most notoriously twisted minds in the field of RPG design. His "Styes" adventures in Dungeon #121 & #138 remain two of the most highly rated of the 3.5 era. He continued his macabre and sinister adventure writing in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting with the gruesome Skinsaw Murders and the Lovecraftian Carrion Hill. He is the author of an unpublished novel entitled Empire for which he currently seeks an agent. Pett lives in England where he constantly works to get Nicolas Logue deported.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Bestiary 1"Bestiary" #1 0708 August 2007 Burnt Offerings, 86.
Skinsaw Murders, TheThe Skinsaw Murders 0710 October 2007 Rise of the Runelords #2. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Escape from Old Korvosa 0805 May 2008 Curse of the Crimson Throne #3. Also contributed to the Bestiary for this volume.
Katapesh Marketplace, The"The Katapesh Marketplace 0905 May 2009 The Jackal's Price, 54.
Sixfold Trial, TheThe Sixfold Trial 0910 October 2009 Council of Thieves #2
Carrion Hill 0911 November 2009
Sound of a Thousand Screams 1008 August 2010 Kingmaker #6
Trial of the Beast 1103 March 2011 Carrion Crown #2
We Be Goblins! 1106 June 2011 Free RPG Day
Forest of Spirits (adventure) 1111 November 2011 Jade Regent #4
Wormwood Mutiny, TheThe Wormwood Mutiny 1204 April 2012 Skull & Shackles #1. Also cowrote "The Life of a Pirate" for the volume.
Moonscar, TheThe Moonscar 1208 August 2012
Into the Nightmare Rift 1212 December 2012 Shattered Star #5
We Be Goblins Too! 1306 June 2013 Free RPG Day
City of Locusts 1402 February 2014 Wrath of the Righteous #6
Shifting Sands 1405 May 2014 Mummy's Mask #3. Also wrote "Tephu City of the Reed People" for the volume.
We Be Goblins Free! 1506 June 2015 Free RPG Day
Dance of the Damned 1510 October 2015 Hell's Rebels #3. Also wrote "Vyre" for the volume.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: The Terrible Tup"Pathfinder Adventure Path Friends and Foes: The Terrible Tup" 1512 December 2015 A Song of Silver, 76.
Whisper Out of Time, TheThe Whisper Out of Time 1612 December 2016 Strange Aeons #4. Also wrote "Okeno, the Yellow City" and contributed to the Bestiary for the volume.
Songbird, Scion, Saboteur 1803 March 2018 War for the Crown #2
Bestiary 129"Bestiary" #129 1804 April 2018 The Twilight Child, 80.
Runeplague 1810 October 2018 Return of the Runelords #3. Also contributed to the Bestiary for the volume.
Stage Fright 2408 August 2024 Curtain Call #1
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Guide to Korvosa 0803 March 2008
Guide to Darkmoon Vale 0807 July 2008
Guide to the River Kingdoms 1002 February 2010
GameMastery Guide 1006 June 2010
Orcs of Golarion 1008 August 2010
Dragon Empires Gazetteer 1112 December 2011
Mystery Monsters Revisited 1212 December 2012
Ultimate Campaign 1305 May 2013
Kingmaker Companion Guide 2210 October 2022
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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Credits

Title Date Notes
We Be Goblins! 1609 September 2016 Adapted for PACGS #02B-1
We Be Goblins Too! 1610 October 2016 Adapted for PACGS #02B-2
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