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Cassiel Marlinchen

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Black Waters, School of Spirits
Cassiel Marlinchen
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Wraith (formerly human)
Gender Female
Homeland Absalom
Died 4698 AR

Source: School of Spirits, pg(s). 21-22

Cassiel Marlinchen was a young student at the famous Tri-Towers Yard school in Absalom who died as a result of the massive earthquake that hit the city in 4698 AR. After death she rose as a wraith and continued to haunt the necropolis beneath the school (renamed the Drownyard).[1][2]


Cassiel and her friends, Grishan Maldris and Junia Dacilane, were playing in the ancient necropolis beneath the school when the earthquake hit, and although they survived the initial shocks, were all trapped underground by fallen rocks. Unable to dig themselves out, Cassiel and Grishan both died of thirst a few days later, although Junia miraculously survived to be rescued by Pathfinders in 4708 AR.[1]


At the time of death, Cassiel was a young, 11-year-old girl with long blond braids. After achieving undeath, her spirit could take both the form she had in life, or a much more terrifying one.[2][3]


Cassiel's father, Deris Marlinchen, was extremely distraught by the death of his daughter, and nearly killed himself digging through the rubble of the Tri-Towers Yard looking for her body. Unwilling to give up, he continued tending the grounds of the school for a decade, convinced that Cassiel would walk from the ruins one day.[3]