Center for Psychogenic Advancement

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Center for Psychogenic Advancement
Mathus Lelspith, Dean of Psychic Magic.

Hinga Vortin, dean of occult studies;
Mathus Lelspith, dean of psychic magic; Mamsel Teep, steward
Study of psychic magic
Academic institution
Source: Occult Realms, pg(s). 20–23

The Center for Psychogenic Advancement is a college of psychic magic in Promise, capital of the reclusive island of Hermea.1


The Center occupies a 70-acre campus in Promise that includes dormitories, several academic buildings, a secure and secretive occult collection, a phrenic laboratory, and contemplative garden with an extensive hedge maze. The 150-person-capacity Theater of the Mind amphitheater sits on the edge of a pond called the Reflecting Pool, in which the Tree of True Clarity stands on an island in its center. Ten-foot-tall walls surround the campus, with only a single, typically open, gate.1


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