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Titles Chief of Breakbag tribe
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Goblin
Class Fighter 4
Gender Male
Homeland Mushfens, Varisia
Organization Breakbag goblins

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 43-44

Chief Chuffskin is the leader of the Breakbag goblins, the largest goblin tribe living in the vicinity of the Varisian city of Magnimar. He moves his followers around the Mushfens on a regular basis and maintains no permanent camp, a tactic that has made his tribe very hard to eradicate. Like the other Breakbags, Chief Chuffskin hates the goblins who reside in Magnimar's sewers.[1] For Chuffskin, this may be personal, as his former jester, Versevosh, fled there after composing a scandalous song about his unnatural love for a flea-ridden mongrel bitch.[2]