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Cradle of Night

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Cradle of Night
(Magic item)
Aura Strong illusion
Caster Level 20th
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Origin Shadow Plane
Affiliation Forsaken

Source: Cradle of Night, pg(s). 55

The Cradles of Night are artifacts granted by the Forsaken to the humans who fled their hometown of Calignos to the Darklands after Earthfall.[citation needed]


A Cradle of Night resembles a fist-sized, shadow-cloaked black orb.[citation needed]


Cradles of Night were used by the Forsaken to mould the humans of Calignos into the various dark folk subraces, and are also capable of imparting shadowbound corruptions on living creatures, who do not age and gain healing, strength, and health as long as they are not in bright light. They become bound to the Forsaken in exchange, and when they die their body vanishes in a flash of light while their soul is sent to the Shadow Plane to infuse the Forsaken's power.[citation needed]

When the Forsaken disappeared, most Cradles of Night shattered. The few that survived lost the ability to transform humanoids into dark folk. One such Cradle of Night was discovered by the Kellid warlord Haramil, and was buried with him after he died.[1][2][3]


Paizo published a Pathfinder Module titled Cradle of Night.