Crime in Korvosa

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The city of Korvosa has a generally lawful bent, but this has not stopped it from having a thriving underworld. 1

The city's charter actually allows for a thieves' guild, and this role is filled by the Cerulean Society. The Society runs a well-organised protection racket. The Society's blue-uniformed employees collect money from the city's nobles, merchants, and the temple of Abadar. Details of those who refuse to pay are given to the Society's "authorised" groups of thieves.2

Gangs of Korvosa

The city's more notable criminal gangs include:

  • The Catsdew Lofties, an all-female gang of cat burglars who prowl the rooftops of the Shingles and prefer to avoid violence
  • The Dusters, a gang of robbers and kidnappers who take their name from the long overcoats worn by members
  • The Rat's Teat Boys, a gang rumoured to consist entirely of wererats

In addition, there are also organised gangs of Sczarni, who clash with the Cerulean Society on the city's streets. They are said to have a particular grudge against House Arkona. The Sczarni are too few in number to be a powerful force in the city, and usually melt back into the general Varisian population when threatened.3


There are also a number of minor crimelords in the city. These include the sinister Devargo Barvasi, known to many as the King of Spiders,3 and the orphan-abducting Gaedren Lamm.4