Cerulean Society

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Cerulean Society

Control and monitor criminal enterprises within Korvosa
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 46–47

The Cerulean Society is the name of the only established thieves' guild of the Varisian city-state of Korvosa.1 Their leader is Guildmaster Boule.2

Breaching Festival

On the last Sunday of Desnus, the Acadamae—Korvosa's prestigious magical university—holds the Breaching Festival: a carnival centred around the famous challenge to enter the college's heavily defended Hall of Wards and leave alive, earning fame and wealth in so doing. Very few succeed. Each year, by tradition, the Cerulean Society is invited to send a sole competitor to test the efficacy of the college's defences and, most years, the thieves' guild sends a participant. Boule desires the winnings and the university gains free testing.3


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