Daggermark Assassins' Guild

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Daggermark Assassins' Guild
A Daggermark assassin

Assassins' Guild
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 13
See also: Daggermark Poisoners' Guild

The Daggermark Assassins' Guild is an organization of hired killers based in Daggermark, in the River Kingdoms.1


Three centuries ago, an assassin army left their home, the city state of Yenchabur in Casmaron, just before it was destroyed by a firestorm. The army battled its way through Casmaron and into Avistan in search of a new home. They eventually took over the town of Rivermark, in the River Kingdoms, and re-named it Daggermark.1

Guild school

A school of assassins was established in Daggermark, and was openly called the Daggermark Assassins' Guild. It teaches the Three Precepts—Life, Death and the Vessel Between (i.e., the assassin)—to all who wish to be taught. The fighting style of the Vessel Between relies on stealth, agility and secrecy. The Guild also has close links with the more recently established Daggermark Poisoners' Guild.

Lady Janna Smilos, who has the title Supreme Vessel of the Assassins' Guild, currently runs the school.

The Guild's masters are available for difficult jobs, most significantly for Daggermark society the students are available to anyone at a reasonable price with only two caveats—a person may only hire one student assassin per year, and the military could not be targeted. It is estimated that each month five citizens die from assassination or poisoning.1

All members are required to teach at the school at some point during their service.2

Hawk's Nest

Whilst the school is in the city of Daggermark, the Guild's home is a fortress known as the Hawk's Nest. It is built into a cliff face, and is designed to withstand a siege. Members (apart from those teaching at the school) live here whilst awaiting assignment. Non-members are not allowed inside.

There are rumours that the families of the assassins live in a secret underground settlement beneath the fortress—something the Guild denies.3