Daladmin Quin

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Daladmin Quin
Titles Captain of the Foreguard
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Cavalier 8
Gender Male
Homeland Tamrivena, Canterwall, Ustalav
Organization Foreguard

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 48

Captain Daladmin Quin is the veteran Captain of the Foreguard in Tamrivena, the county seat of Canterwall in Ustalav. The Foreguard is one of two elements of the Canterwall county militia: it is based in Fort Palestone in Tamrivena, and the Foreguard is responsible for guarding the county's borders. The other element of the militia is the Wallguard. Captain Quin and his counterpart, the paranoid Captain Balton Rhasrakin of the Wallguard, are not on good terms and are very competitive. Quin is an established and trusted military leader but, recently, he has been unable to explain disappearances of people and even villages from the county's southern border; this failure is encouraging Rhasrakin's attacks on him.[1][2]


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