Darklands slang

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The symbol of the Darklands.

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Being such insular communities, the inhabitants of the Darklands have developed a specialized terminology or slang all of their own, many terms of which have made their way into a number of the languages spoken there.12

  • Cold walk: A tunnel that dead-ends into an area covered by water.
  • Darklander or Darksider: Someone who lives in one of the three layers of the Darklands.3
  • Dead walk: A dead-end tunnel that terminates in a rock fall or other impenetrable obstruction; also something that has no further practical use (a played-out mine, etc).
  • Deepbaiting: When a darklander tricks a surface-dweller into danger in the Darklands.
  • Deepmeat: A surface-dweller who has met a grisly fate in the Darklands (see deepbaiting above).
  • Digger: Collective name for the many Darklands-dwelling creatures that can easily burrow through soil and rock (e.g. purple worms).
  • Down Orvway: A euphemism for death (i.e. he's gone down Orvway).
  • Dry walk: A tunnel with no ready access to fresh water.
  • Slopper: An ooze that inhabits Darklands tunnels (e.g. gray ooze, ochre jelly).
  • Overburn: The surface of Golarion, referencing the sun.
  • Scrubber: Creatures of the Darklands that clean tunnels by eating carrion; generally refers to vermin like gelatinous cubes, but can also refer to more common creatures such as rats.
  • Uplander: Someone who lives on Golarion's surface.