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Dawn piper

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Source: The Shackled Hut, pg(s). 86

Dawn pipers are humanoid fey who hail from the First World and resemble otherworldly aiuvarin. Highly emotional, dawn pipers are unable to hold a single emotion or feeling for long. To circumvent this, they have developed a way to use music to reproduce a previously held emotion.1

Dawn pipers use this ability to shape the First World, the source of their name, which refers to the dawn of creation. Dawn pipers lack souls; those who die in the First World are reborn, but deaths on other planes are permanent.1


In the First World, dawn pipers are often musicians. In the Universe, they also manipulate society and reality with their talents to bring parts of the Universe into the First World, where they compete for power within broader fey society. However, dawn pipers rarely engage in relationships with mortals, which often end poorly.1

Dawn pipers appear alone or gather in groups known as choirs, which are composed of a prime number of pipers between two and seven; they lack a formalized society beyond these groups. Choirs, like hag covens, allow its members to perform magical acts more powerful than each individual could accomplish.1


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