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Dead Roads

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The Dead Roads are a network of routes which connect the Boneyard with the Material Plane, and are employed by the psychopomps, who lack the ability to travel between planes. The Dead Roads are a winding road, 15–20 feet across, devoid of signs. Its exact appearance varies on an individual's perception of the word road. Both sides of the road are surrounded by a mist, and creatures that slide away from it into the mist find themselves back in the Boneyard. The only features are the occasional way stations which vary widely in appearance and hold the road in place.1

Psychopomps are able to freely walk the Dead Roads, but others need stamps of passage, granted by bureaucrats in the way stations, lest they slide off the Dead Roads and return to where they started, or worse, get lost. The whole network is overseen by the psychopomp usher Barzahk.1


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