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Titles Lord of Penance
Race/Species Raja rakshasa
Gender Male
Homeland Absalom

Source: Lord of Penance, pg(s). 1-3

Domitian was a male raja rakshasa who disguised himself to became one of the Hopeful, would-be gods who gather in Absalom's Ascendant Court district, claiming that they will take the Test of the Starstone. There he called himself the Lord of Penance and gathered a group of followers using his charisma and magical powers. His disciples performed acts of self-mortification and atonement for past misdeeds, all according to his teachings. They wore shabby clothing and begged for alms on the streets of Absalom, even prostituted themselves if Domitian commanded it.[1]

Domitian was eventually exposed and killed by the Wave Riders Sefu and Olhas, who were attempting to rescue Sefu's sister Leyli, who had fallen under the rakshasa's spell.[1]


Domitian was a two-headed tiger rakshasa who preferred to use his magic in combat, but used a scimitar when forced into melee.[1]