Dragonscale Loyalists

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Dragonscale Loyalists
Headquarters Brevoy
Goals Protection of the king-regent's rule
Scope Regional (Brevoy)
Members Vigilantes

Source: Heroes of the High Court, pg(s). 24

The Dragonscale Loyalists are a group of hand-picked agents that serve King-Regent Noleski Surtova and the Dragonscale Throne. To the world, Dragonscale Loyalists appear as little more than courtiers with some small training in the Aldori sword arts, but in truth they are agents of the crown, fiercely vigilant against treachery and with a supernatural ability to detect such treason. When they do root out sedition, the Dragonscale Loyalists don fearsome dragon masks to become agents of Noleski's vengeance.[1]


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