Drowned Dwarf

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The Drowned Dwarf is a famous tavern in Drenchport,[1] the capital of the island of Tempest Cay in the Shackles. It is a sturdy two-story tavern currently owned by the blond-haired sisters Dagrun and Narrika Lelkhammer, who formerly sailed with the famed Redbeard Sewk on Gozreh's Knuckles. The two sisters made a considerable fortune over the years and bought the Drowned Dwarf from their elderly cousin Peffen Stonebreaker in 4710 AR. It is said that they paid Peffen entire chests of bounty. The Drowned Dwarf is famed across the Shackles for two things: the high murder rate in its common room, and its sinfully delicious and strong black kelp beer. The recipe for the coveted brew is jealously guarded.[2]