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Dungeon delving is a dangerous business.

A dungeon1 is a generic term for any enclosed or underground location an adventurer might wish to explore. It can be anything from a series of caverns to a sunken ship. They are generally labyrinthine, filled with traps and monsters, and contain priceless treasures.2

On Golarion

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Gallowspire, seen in the background, is one of the most infamous dungeons on Golarion.

Below is a short, and by no means exhaustive list of Golarion's greatest dungeons:


Paizo published a major sourcebook about dungeons entitled Dungeons of Golarion.

For additional as-yet unincorporated sources about this subject, see the Meta page.

  1. The word dungeon may also simply refer to an underground prison cell, especially in a castle. This meaning is not the subject of this article, instead, please see Category:Prisons.
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