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Red Redoubt

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A machine soldier guardian of the Red Redoubt.

In 3637 AR, Karamoss, the "Machine Mage", assaulted Absalom, constructing a huge metal citadel in a single night. The citadel rose from the rocky ground like a red metallic growth. Within hours, hordes of hobgoblins emerged from the citadel and laid siege to the city. The city repulsed the attack for three weeks, but then the gates of the Red Redoubt of Karamoss opened to disgorge legions of metal warriors equipped with deadly weapons and guided by malign intelligence.

The city was saved when its druidic order, Druids of the Shaded, repulsed the metal men with powerful magic. For two years the city was under siege until a final counterattack brought Absalom's army to the walls of Red Redoubt. In the slaughter that followed, the upper floors of the citadel were destroyed along thousands of his automatons, but the mysterious wizard-artificer was never found.[1]

Full exploration of the structure has been considered by the Pathfinder Society.[2] The Redoubt's tunnels reportedly contain a malicious warden robot forged of djezeteel known as the Red Terror.[3]


Paizo published a major article about the Red Redoubt of Karamoss in Chapter 5 of Dungeons of Golarion.

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