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Alignment Evil
Race/Species Copper dragon
Gender Female

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 32

Ekishil was one of the largest and most powerful copper dragons ever seen on Golarion. She was one of the most notable members of her kind to have succumbed to tarnishing, having fallen into evil late in her life. She was active for a span of 300 years, over which more than three dozen metallic dragons of various kinds attempted to capture her or hunt her down; most of these dragons perished. Ekishil mysteriously vanished as another band of dragons gathered to attempt to bring her down; some speculate that she was killed by another group of dragonslayers, but most scholars suspect that she either went into hibernation deep beneath Golarion and is still slumbering somewhere within the planet, or that she fled Golarion altogether and plans her revenge from somewhere beyond it.[1]


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