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Eldran Tesh

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Eldran Tesh
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Unique undead,
Human (Taldan)
Gender Male
Homeland Talamir, Taldor
Died 4486 AR

Source: Blood of Dragonscar, pg(s). 17


A member of the royal house of Taldor at the time of his death in 4486 AR,[1] Eldran Tesh took the powerful Stone of Eternity from the miners that unearthed it from deep in Blackpeak of the World's Edge Mountains, promising to use it to make the life of all Taldans better. Eldran was killed by the red dragon Horranath who swallowed him and the Stone whole during her attack on the city of Talamir before he could make good on that promise.[2]

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