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Red dragon

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Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Type Dragon
CR 6-22 (by age category)
Environment Warm mountains
Images of red dragons

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 98-99

The red dragon is known as the king of the chromatic dragons, and few creatures can match its avarice and cruelty.[1]


Detail of a red dragon's head

Red dragons are very nearly the largest species of dragon, rivaling and occasionally exceeding the gargantuan size of the gold dragon.[2] Some half-dozen reds, all members of a single pure-blood clan, have grown beyond even the mightiest of gold dragons in size and strength.[3] But even a hatchling dragon uncoils from an egg the size of a horse.[2]

The red's long body is covered in thick scales the color of molten rock, with large, cruel horns topping its head.[1] A smaller horn sprouts just behind the tips of its blunt muzzle. Certain of its scales grow in sharp ridges sweeping back along its face, growing ever larger down its back and even along the crests of its powerful wings, giving the red its unmistakable spiky appearance.[2]


Red dragons are powerful (and evil) enough to attack whole towns.

All red dragons can breathe fire, and as they age, they gain increasing control over flames. The heat radiating from an adult red's body can harm anyone foolish enough to stand too close.[1] The red's intense internal fires allow it to digest almost any non-poisonous matter.[2] A red of advanced age can melt stone or instantly turn creatures to ash with its fiery breath.[1] A red's powerful tail can crush a stone wall, and its jaws are strong enough to snap iron bars.[2]

When roused to physical combat, the red will use virtually its entire body as a weapon, biting, clawing, lashing with its powerful tail, buffeting enemies with its monstrous wings while flying, or even flying or jumping a short distance to crush its foes beneath its immense mass.[4] As the red ages, its scales grow increasingly resistant to physical injury of any kind, even as its entire physiognomy becomes less susceptible to all but the most powerful magical effects.[5]

Reds begin learning the intricacies of arcane spellcasting at an early age. A red of sufficiently advanced age can potentially become as proficient with magic as all but the greatest human wizards.[1] Additionally, reds possess innate abilities that mimic wizardry: very young dragons can sense the presence and characteristics of magical dweomers, while adults can influence the actions of other creatures with simple speech.[1] Such is the red's affinity with fire that an old red is even able to take control of an enemy spellcaster's fire and use it against her.[1]


Red dragons are usually solitary creatures

Red dragons make their homes within warm mountainous regions.[1] Whenever possible, a red will lair within an active volcano.[3] As reds age, they tend to journey increasingly further from their lairs in search of human settlements to terrorize.

In 2351 AR the city of Parnthford was completely razed by one or more red dragons in what is believed to be a revenge attack for the slaying of another red dragon.[2]

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Known Examples

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Notable reds include: