Emilano Doreset

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Emilano Doreset
Titles Lord Doreset
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax originally;
now Absalom

Source: Proper Villains

Lord Emilano Doreset is a scheming nobleman originally from Cheliax who now resides in Absalom and owns the well-protected vault-tower of Hawkthorne's Shield. He is married to Lady Doreset. Emilano is a longtime rival of Tarrant Liespinner, the self-proclaimed greatest con artist in all Golarion. Emilano recruited the help of a group of Hellknights, led by Altara the Hound, to help finally catch the elusive conman in Absalom. This plan backfired spectacularly when evidence of his own swindling of Chelish merchants, embezzlement of gold from the Blackscale Blades mercenary company, and illegal selling of human chattel to Geb instead resulted in his arrest.[1]


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