Endless Grimoire

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Endless Grimoire
(Magic item)

Item Level (2E)
Item 6 (Endless Grimoire)
Item 10 (greater Endless Grimoire)
Item 14 (major Endless Grimoire)
Item 18 (true Endless Grimoire)
Source: Secrets of Magic, pg(s). 162

Endless Grimoires are spellbooks that can feasibly record every spell on their infinite number of pages held between their magical covers. So enriched are these grimoires that they aid their owners in transcribing spells onto their pages and supplement their owner's daily preparation of spells. The ability to aid their owner in these ways is enhanced in more powerful versions of these Endless Grimoires, in ascending order of power and cost: greater Endless Grimoire; major Endless Grimoire; true Endless Grimoire.1


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