Erdin Coim

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Erdin Coim
Titles Witchfinder Judge
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Inquisitor 6
Gender Male
Homeland Barstoi, Ustalav
Deity Pharasma (assumed)
Organization Chapel of Guilts; Pharasmin Penitence
Born c.4639 AR
(about 83 years old)

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 15

Witchfinder Judge Erdin Coim is the oldest priest based at the Chapel of Guilts in the county of Barstoi, Ustalav; yet he refuses to retire feeling his work is still incomplete; his personal salvation can wait.[1]


Coim was a notorious circuit judge in Barstoi, and wider, for over fifty years. His success at uncovering foul witches and other spellcasters earned him his title of 'Witchfinder' by his impressed inquisitor colleagues.[1]


Erdin Coim currently has three companions that travel with him:[1]

  • Thunderer, his old warhorse that is missing an eye
  • Chisson, his very devoted squire
  • Sibilie, his witch prisoner. Sibilie is just thirteen years old but Coim has convinced her that she must stay with him to be redeemed before she is executed.


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