Pharasmin Penitence

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The holy symbol of Pharasma.

The Pharasmin Penitence is the philosophy that one must balance his or her actions through pain and the trials of life to add existential weight to one's soul when judged by Pharasma, the Lady of Graves. It is also the name of an Ustalavic order dedicated to this devotion.1

In 3833 AR, upon the shores of Lake Divirmis, Mother Kavapesta began preaching a stoic and sombre vision of devotion to Pharasma that came to be known as the Pharasmin Penitence. Called the Sister of Sorrow, she taught that death's rewards correspond to the suffering in one's life. This does not, however, make the adherents altogether dispassionate. These penitents continue to believe in healing the sick, easing excess burdens of people who have already suffered, and a ceremonial form of worship, even as their modest shrines typically dispense with the ornate wealth of the church.2

Regent Bavhulameta Ulametria leads the sect within Ustalav from her everlasting kneeling position at the altar of Pharasma.3


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