Evandor Malik

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Evandor Malik

Knight Lord
Source: Absalom: City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 303

Evandor Malik is the Knight Lord and master trainer at the Tempering Hall in Absalom. In practice, this means he administers a cadre of trainers and instructors, each with their own specialty and each with a handful of regular students. Knight Lord Evandor Malik still sees to a few particularly gifted or advanced students, but these days he spends more time managing than teaching, finding himself engaged in ecclesiastical politics in the cramped back hallways of the Seventh Church rather than in the open fields of the Tempering Hall.1

Blond, thick with muscle, gentle of face, and almost always wearing gleaming plate mail, Evandor Malik is easing gently into middle age, and is among the most popular Iomedaeans in Absalom—a role model for those who would follow the Lady of Valor into glory.1

More consumed now by temple politics than ever, Evandor Malik is getting tired of High Priest Tavorae Falsebane’s focus on interior development and neglect of the political and temporal trappings of the church. Indeed, the new patriarch seems to think of these things as affectations—perhaps even sinful—a viewpoint Malik cannot support. Sensing an opportunity, the knight lord has been undermining Falsebane since the earliest weeks of his tenure, once his philosophy and focus became clear for all to see. Malik stokes skepticism among the temple elders, even while he seeks to light the flame of rebellion in his young students at the Tempering Hall, running Falsebane down with snide comments. These activities, which he rationalizes as expressions of his faith, are ironically pushing him further from Iomedae’s grace, and on a few recent occasions, he has found his divine powers faltering. Malik wrongly believes that these troubles are yet another trial from Iomedae, and they have redoubled his contention that it is he—rather than Falsebane—who should be leading the Inheritor’s faith in Absalom.1


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