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Tempering Hall

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The Tempering Hall is a combat school located across the main street from the Seventh Church in the Ascendant Court district of Absalom.[1] The facility traditionally trains paladins of Iomedae as well as those called by Abadar, Irori, and Shelyn, a few of whom supplement the dozens of paladins of Iomedae trained by the elderly priests.[1] However, in recent years the Hall has started accepting anyone dedicated to fighting evil.[2] A specialism of the school is teaching mastery of a god's favoured weapon to that deity's followers.[3]


The three-year course of study and training overcomes many prospective paladins who undertake it, though its rigors and renown are such that even a single season of training is considered valuable preparation against powerful foes.[2]


Rochae Swiftblade is the Knight Lord of the Tempering Hall.[1]