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Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 21

Fahrauth is a lazy, petty, jealous, arrogant umbral dragon with delusions of divinity who makes his home beneath the Umbral Basin in Nidal, near a portal to the Void.1


Fahrauth is allied with a group of sceaduinars whom he recruited from his lair's previous master Syremal after he killed her. Both Fahrauth and the sceaduinars despise undead, and the sceaduinars enjoy watching Fahrauth tearing them to pieces. Since Fahrauth is too big to fit through the portal, the sceaduinars do so on his behalf and recruit new members if necessary. He also allows them to rampage on the surface, if they bring him treasures and victims.1

Fahrauth receives tribute from the deros living beneath his lair, and his ego is boosted by the elaborate rites of worship that they conduct. They sometimes receive test subjects from the sceaduinars, and are occasionally tasked with missions to the Darklands.1

Fahrauth has no sympathy for Nidal's ruling Umbral Court, leading many Nidalese dissidents, who seek to weaken the alliance between Nidal and Cheliax, to convince influential Chelish families to ally with him. Fahrauth occasionally receives Chelish emissaries, including devils, who negotiate with him to find ways to weaken the Umbral Court. Fahrauth does not realise that he is being used as a pawn.1


Fahrauth hatched in the Midnight Mountains deep in Orv. He and his clutch mates were ruled by Ugothogo, who was worshipped by gug tribes and viewed fellow umbral dragons as attendants. Fahrauth chafed under servitude and came to despise Ugothogo. He eventually snapped and went on a rampage, destroying many gug tribes until Ugothogo attacked him. The weaker Fahrauth was forced to flee from the Midnight Mountains past Sekamina and Nar-Voth until he detected the subterranean lair of the necromancer Syremal. He killed her and claimed her lair as his own.1


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