Midnight Mountains

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The Vault known as the Midnight Mountains is one of the largest in Orv—the lowest level of the Darklands—and acts as a crossroads for much of Orvian traffic due to its central location.[1] It has the Crystal Womb and Land of Black Blood to the north, Ilvarandin to the west, and the Black Desert to the south.[2]

The Midnight Mountains are at the bottom of the Endless Gulf, which stretches up all the way to Nar-Voth. Moisture seeps down from Lake Nirthran above in Sekamina, and can fall to the Vault floor as rain.[2] This water makes its way into Ilvarandin as what becomes known as the Irikusk River and then flows into the Sightless Sea.[3]

The mountains which give the Vault its name are two miles high on average, but the ceiling is a further two miles above the tallest peak.

The Vault is lit by six glowing "moons", that are actually particularly large mu spores.[4] The intellect devourers of Ilvarandin use the spores given off by these creatures as one of the ingredients for the drug known as midnight milk.[5]


The Vault's central location makes it one of Orv's most well-travelled regions. However, travellers must contend with the dangers posed by denizens of the Midnight Mountains—gugs, troglodytes, mongrelmen, morlocks, driders, seugathis, pech, ropers, and umbral dragons.[4]