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Fel Bustrani

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Fel Bustrani

Cleric 8/5/21
Source: Among the Living, pg(s). 16

Fel Bustrani was a Taldan cleric of Zyphus, the god of accidental death, who learned of the location of a powerful artifact known as the Zyphus Stone. He manipulated a young, ambitious Pathfinder named Bodriggan Wuthers, to help him recover it from a chamber buried beneath the House of the Immortal Son in Oppara. Thanks to Wuthers, the two gained access to the opera house, and began an excavation lasting many months. When they finally breached the Chamber of the Stone where the artifact has been hidden by the Azlanti over 6,000 years ago, Bustrani betrayed the Pathfinder and killed him.2 Bustrani was killed soon thereafter by a group of Wuthers' fellow Pathfinders, who also prevented a major zombie outbreak.3


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