Bodriggan Wuthers

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Bodriggan Wuthers

Zyphus zombie (formerly human)
Source: Among the Living, pg(s). 3

Bodriggan Wuthers was a Taldan Pathfinder who became a Zyphus zombie after being killed by the god's followers in Oppara.1


Bodriggan Wuthers was an orphan dropped off at the door of the Pathfinder Lodge in the Taldan capital of Oppara. Although the Pathfinders took him to an orphanage, they kept a close eye on him throughout his childhood, encouraging his curiosity and love of exploration. Upon reaching his sixteenth birthday, Bodriggan left Oppara and traveled to Absalom to join the Pathfinder Society. There he trained for a number of years and after graduation became the assistant to Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro. The two traveled throughout Avistan and Garund. By the time he was 18, he had recovered the Garls Harp, an ancient Azlanti artifact, from the Screaming Jungle, and cemented his history in the Society by being published in the Pathfinder Chronicles.1

Around 4707 AR, Wuthers came to the attention of Fel Bustrani, a cleric of Zyphus. Masquerading as a priest of Irori, Bustrani told Wuthers of a hidden Azlanti artifact known as the Zyphus Stone buried beneath the House of the Immortal Son, Oppara's famous opera house. Working together, the two gained access to the building and began digging beneath it to recover the Zyphus Stone. Upon reaching the Chamber of the Stone where the Azlanti had buried the artifact, Bustrani killed Wuthers and let the artifact transform his corpse into a Zyphus zombie.12 His undead remains were destroyed soon thereafter during the zombie outbreak at the opera house that was contained by his fellow Pathfinders.3