Gaius Beaulenard

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Gaius Beaulenard

Alchemist (presumed)
4612 AR (age 24)
Source: Valley of the Brain Collectors, pg(s). 65-66

Gaius Beaulenard was an Opparan alchemist and naturalist. Born into the aristocracy, he lived a life of decadent leisure until he happened across an aged copy of Van Jeust's Lords of the Night Heralds in the stacks of the Athenaeum of Expeditionary Glory in Cassomir. It was after delving into the pages of this forbidden tome that he became obsessed with the Dominion of the Black.

Not long thereafter, he acquired a year-long contract for his services with the ruler of Omash, but fled Qadira only months later with several stolen texts. Among these were the Libram of Absolute Emptiness and the Mah-Thenen Codices, both of which are believed to be translations of Dominion writings.

Gaius disappeared until 4611 AR, when he emerged in Ilizmagorti to purchase a copy of Secrets of the Dreaming Dark stolen in a violent raid on an Egorian collector's private library. Over the course of the following months he attempted to make contact with the Dominion of the Black. Little is known for certain following this period, but soon thereafter his rented villa went up in insatiable flames for a full month.

A crate containing his accumulated library and a brief note to his family was discovered in Oppara in 4612 AR. The note was dictated to his final servant, and it both announced his death and implored its recipient to have the forbidden tomes destroyed. Despite this, the books were instead sold to an unknown collector.1