Gardens of Delight

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The Gardens of Delight, or Garden of Delights,1 are a gigantic, tiered group of gardens located in the Holoma province of Juttar. The gardens are presided over by Juttar's Grand Omwa Holo Enyana's palace, and host not only beautiful plants, but also a large menagerie of unusual and magical animals. Here, one can find celestial hybrids of dinosaurs native to Holomog that display particularly unusual and eye-catching characteristics.2


Originally these gardens were created by Juttar's people as a gift to their empress, Holo Enyana. As much time has passed and Holo has advanced in age, she rarely visits the gardens now. So, now they serve as a public garden maintained by the people, where public events of various sizes are frequently held. Thankfully for these events, the wildlife here is entirely tame.2


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