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Gebessek IX

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Gebessek IX
Aliases the Healer
Titles Pharaoh
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Osirion
Born fl. 159 AR
Died 181 AR
(at least 22 years old)

Source: Dungeons of Golarion, pg(s). 35

Gebessek IX succeeded his mother Kamaria the Brazen as pharaoh of Osirion following her assassination by a conspiracy of her children in 159 AR.[1] He is known as the Healer for his efforts in restoring the country following the depredations of his mother's reign.

He buried his mother in the Pyramid of Kamaria, fearing that she might rise as an undead if she was not properly honoured. The pyramid was then sealed off, in the hope that the evil contained within it would fall upon each other.

Gebessek IX then slaughtered every cultist of Rovagug he could find, and the entire population of the city of An for good measure. He ruled for 22 years.[2]