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Kamaria the Brazen

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Dungeons of Golarion
Aliases Kamaria the Brazen
Titles Pharaoh
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Lich
(formerly Garundi human)
Class Cleric 14
Gender Female
Homeland Osirion
Deity Rovagug
Born fl. -21 AR
Died 159 AR
(about 180 years old)

Source: Dungeons of Golarion, pg(s). 35

Kamaria the Brazen was the only Osirian pharaoh to openly worship an aspect of Rovagug; she ascended to the throne in -21 AR.[1] The pyramid housing her much-plundered tomb stands in the city of An and continues to attract cultists of the Rough Beast.[2] It is said that her pyramid, set on the banks of the River Asp, contains an entrance to Nar-Voth in the Darklands.

In the tenth year of her reign, Kamaria commanded the people of An to build the pyramid as a monument befitting her majesty.[3]

Kamaria reigned for more than three human lifetimes. Her era was notorious for its oppression and suffering. Her great unholy plan, known only to Kamaria's cult and her closest allies, was to unleash the dread god Rovagug on Golarion and beyond. The pharaoh was using the vast chambers and caves within and beneath the Pyramid of Kamaria as a lab and foundry for developing the means to realize her plan. To the relief of the world, some of Kamaria's horrified children engaged in a great conspiracy to assassinate their evil mother. She was succeeded by her son Gebessek IX, who buried her in her Pyramid.[4]


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