Gheber III

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Gheber III

Satrap of Qadira
Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 7

Gheber III was a satrap of Qadira during the Age of Enthronement. In 4067 AR, a succession struggle for the throne of the Padishah Emperor broke out in Kelesh, drawing many members of the Keleshite royal family from Katheer and generally reducing Kelesh's influence across Qadira. In the wake of this, Gheber III began building up Qadira's army in preparation for war. When the last Kelesh vizier was withdrawn back to Kelesh in 4079 AR, Gheber III finally began his long-awaited war. Gheber III launched an invasion into Taldor with forty thousand soldiers of the Satrapian Guard, beginning the era of war known as the Grand Campaign.12


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