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Gold Falls Inn

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The Gold Falls Inn hangs out over the roaring Gold Falls of Foam River in the area of Darkmoon Vale in Andoran. The inn offers a spectacular views of the waterfall. It is a large well-guarded lodge made by stone and timber, standing on the northern shore of the river, right next to the falls. The inn serves as a popular waypoint on the trail from Falcon's Hollow west to Cheliax. Mierson Berekland, a friendly middle-aged retired Pathfinder, is the owner of the inn. The Berekland family still operates the sluice above the falls.[1]


The inn is originated as a small dwarven fortress built to control a wide bridge across the river at the top of the falls. The bridge was collapsed in one of the massive earthquakes during the Rending and the fort was abandoned and fell into ruin. In 4437 AR an explorer named Argus Berekland discovered placer gold at the base of the falls. Argus and his small group of friends cleared the ruins and built a sluice above the falls among the ruins of the great bridge. Over time, the group built a heavily defended manor house to guard the sluice and offer protection to travelers along the riverside trail.[1]