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Touched off by powerful earthquakes, the volcano known as Droskar's Crag (in the Five Kings Range) erupted on 18 Desnus 3980 AR[1] in an event known to historians as the Rending.[2][3][4][5]


The Rending destroyed Jernashall, the subterranean capital of the dwarven empire of Tar Khadurrm, and its sister city of Raseri Kanton on the surface. In Jernashall, a river of lava spewed forth from the great magmafall in the center of the city and killed every citizen within minutes. The fate of Raseri Kanton was just as horrifying: the whole city fell into the earth.[4]

The Rending did what centuries of war and conflict never could, finally break the spirit of the dwarven people. The Rending marks the beginning of the decline of the dwarves, as they fell into apathy and indifference.[6]

The nearby community of Darkmoon Vale (then still part of Taldor) was also hit particularly hard, and parts of Almas were destroyed by massive flooding caused by the melting of the snow pack around Droskar's Crag.[7]

The earthquake also opened a connection of the Candlestone Caverns to the surface.[8]


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