Golden Oasis (Katapesh)

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For another meaning of "Golden Oasis", please see Golden Oasis (Osirion).

The last remaining oasis that once gave the city of Katapesh its ancient name of the Golden City, the Golden Oasis is still a bastion of lush beauty. Once Katapesh had several such oases but after the Year of Scouring Winds the Golden Oasis was the only one that remained. It is feed by the River Scorpius and is surrounded by date palms and an area of quiet inns, homes and small shops, Golden Oasis is one of the first areas a lot of traders (those who enter via the Dawn Gate) see. Legend says that those who sit by the fish-filled central pool are sometimes granted visions of divine inspiration as a result many pilgrims can be found sat beneath the palms that surround the central oasis meditating. Some pilgrims leave satisfied, some just leave, others in their desperation resort to eating local spirit moss. This strange plant tastes disgusting but allows those who eat it to commune with the spirits of the dead and may be responsible for the reputation of the Golden Oasis.1


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