Harcatha Rebellion

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The Harcatha Rebellion was an uprising in 3937 AR by the Harcatha Jadwiga against Irrisen's then rulers, the Sascha Jadwiga. They rose up in response to the perceived injustices being inflicted upon the Harcatha by the Sascha.

The rebellion failed, and many Harcatha were killed. Some 400 survivors, led by the sisters Helgas Harcatha and Vaenane Harcatha, fled to the Witchcaves in the hope of recruiting Darklands allies to help their cause. Nothing more was heard of them until 4079 AR, when an insane force of Jadwiga emerged from the caves and rampaged across the region until they were wiped out by Irrisen forces led by General Chernim Karina.

The Witchcaves are infested with qlippoth. Some of the rebels still survive, serving the fiends as breeding stock and subject to ongoing torture.123