Harvest Feast

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Workers harvest papyrus in Tephu, Osirion.

The celebration known as Harvest Feast, is a partly religious holiday in which common folk enjoy the fruits of their labours and feast with one another.[1]


Erastil's holy symbol.

Followers of Erastil are especially fond of this time, and hold it during the autumnal equinox and may have feasting and music after the work is finished at night.[1]


Irori's holy symbol.

Though the faith of Irori has no generally commemorated holidays due to the multitude of paths to enlightenment, some Irorans make the Harvest Feast their special day, such as those who see the health value of cereal grains.[2]


Pharasma's holy symbol.

For the followers of Pharasma, it is held on the second Moonday of Lamashan, but the holiday is better known for the weeks preceding it.

The ritual known as the Procession of Unforgotten Souls occurs for several weeks, at night, prior to autumn feast. The faithful beseech Pharasma not to take them yet, and stand in silence. They then enter a fountain (although river, lake, or other body of water is equally common) carrying candles. When the priests emerge, the candles miraculously relight and the thin garments worn by the clerics become transparent after being saturated in the water. The festival colours beneath the garments are then clearly visible.[3] Although the procession is typically silent, it has become something of a tradition for the celebration to coincide with the migration of local birdlife, creating melodic birdsong that seems to accompany the celebration.[4]


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