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The flag of Tephu.
Titles City of the Reed People
Nation Osirion
Region Sphinx Basin
Size Large city
Population 19,480
Demographics 15,584 humans, 1,753 half-elves, 718 elves, 681 halflings, 389 dwarves, 355 other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Haty-a of Tephu Deka An-Keret
Images of Tephu

Source: Shifting Sands, pg(s). 62
Workers harvest papyrus in Tephu.

Tephu, the City of the Reed People[1] is a city in the Sphinx Basin region of Osirion named for the reed-covered marshlands where the rivers Crook and Asp join. The city's major industry is its near-monopoly on the harvest and processing of the abundant papyrus. Consequently, the city houses the largest academy of scribes in Osirion, who have preserved a massive catalogue of records from the time of its founding in -1605 AR by Djederet II, pharaoh and cleric of Nethys. Tephu's current leader is the preservationist governor: Haty-a of Tephu Deka An-Keret.[2][3]

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Paizo published a major article about Tephu in Shifting Sands.

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