Hellrung Mountains

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The region around Almhult, where the Hellrung Mountains are located.

The Hellrung Mountains are a volcanically active range of jagged granite and basalt mountains and hills in the Crown of the World near Avistan, around Almhult and along the Gulf of Svallmundr, Whitefang Bay, and Steaming Sea.1 It is wracked by frequent earthquakes and sooty eruptions, separated by ancient lava flows, ash deposits, ravines, and badlands.2 The source of the Maganis River carries water, volcanic ash, and eruption debris from the range into the Gulf of Svallmunder.3

Seismic activity

The mountain range's seismic activity extends into the Steaming Sea, where new volcanoes generate new islands24 — sometimes suddenly and explosively — and contributes to its churning currents, undersea ridges, geothermal vents, and tsunamis.2 Its earthquakes send tidal surges of salt water into the Hazalin Marshes.5


A few dwarven trading posts in the mountains focus their trade underground.6 Few people attempt to mine or exploit the Hellrung Mountains due to its many natural hazards,2 though some gold prospectors from Almhult are desperate enough to try.7