House Vendikon

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House Vendikon
Type Noble house
Leader Baron Galdur Vendikon
Headquarters Andoran
Scope Local
Structure Family

Source: Tower of the Last Baron, pg(s). 2

House Vendikon controlled the Barony of Perin, a Chelish barony northwest of the Aspodell Crossroads. When Andoran still belonged to Cheliax, all three baronies of the area (Barony of Perin, Barony of Pamiatazova, and Barony of Darkmoon) belonged to the County of Elberwick.[1] Lord Galdur Vendikon did not embrace the revolution nor did he join the evil Chelish empire. After the revolution, Lord Vendikon controlled little more than the few miles around his strategically important keep in Piren's Bluff.[2]


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